Local Church Ministries provides resources to support ministry leaders.

Word of Life Local Church Ministries partners with local churches to equip them with the resources, curriculum, and training they need to help students grow in their faith and maximize the impact of their ministries. We provide organized and doctrinally sound curriculum for preschool through high school students, ministry coaching and training, and materials and tools to help your students live out their faith.


Everything we do, we strive to create opportunities for children and students to hear the Gospel in a way they can understand.


We equip leaders to nurture students who are believers to grow in their faith, strengthen their knowledge of Scripture and become the men and women God has called them to be.

Leadership Training

We partner with leaders to provide them with resources, coaching and support, to help them become as effective as possible.
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Biblical Principles of Discipleship

Learn the biblical foundations for a ministry of discipleship from one of our team members and speakers, Mike Calhoun.

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Bring Local Church Ministries to your church! With curriculum for students of all ages, resources for leaders and coaching through one-on-one relationships with LCM missionaries, we’re here to help your church reach more youth for Christ.

We're here so students can grow their faith. Explore our resources or give, to support this effort at the local level.