Practical Training on Your Schedule

We know that youth workers are often the busiest people. Getting out to every training event is often not an option. You can get started with a FREE course right now, at your pace and your schedule. Each course is set up to help you be a more effective leader.


Video Training Library

A New Kind of Ministry Training

Our goal is to help people who really want or need more Youth Ministry Training but can’t fit formal training into their schedule. You might have a family, a job, a ministry, no time. If that is you, you are a perfect candidate for our courses.



Experienced leaders equip you for effective ministry by sharing what they know.

Watch on Any Device

Access any of our sessions from any device whether it be your desktop, phone, or tablet.


Features to make your Training Even Easier

On-going Learning

Our courses are grouped by topics such as Core Training, Evangelism, and Leading Small Groups. Each of these modules are then broken down even further by ministry age group. The sessions are short ranging from 7-15 minute sessions that lead you through the topic that you choose.