Multiply App

Student Youth Ministry leaders need tools to help them stay on top of what is happening in their ministry. The Word of Life Multiply! App empowers today’s busy youth leader in three key areas.
1 - The Multiply App helps your Small Group Leaders so they are only one click away from:
  • Your Students' Contact Information to stay in touch
  • The Dare2Share Cause Circle for for you to see how your students are progressing in having gospel conversations with their friends.
  • Weekly Bible Study Overview and Application notes for the lesson.
  • Your Group’s Weekly Prayer Requests.
Small Group Leaders Home Screen
2 - The Multiply App makes planning your year simple and powerful.

Lay out your Annual Teaching Schedule

  • The Dates you are meeting
  • The Lessons you will teach
  • Who will teach each week

Plan Details of Every Meeting

  • Create your Master Meeting Schedule for each week instantly.
  • Assign Who is Responsible for each element of your meeting.
  • Customize any meeting.
  • Customize Your Reminders to keep leaders informed.

Make Changes at Anytime

  • Automatically Communicate Changes to your leaders.
  • Individual Users can Set Reminders so they are always prepared.
3 - The Multiply App effortlessly allows you to track your students' Spiritual Progress in Creative Discipleship.

Easily keep track of a student’s growth and involvement in:

  • Attendance
  • Quiet Time
  • Scripture Memory
  • Service
  • Reading Books
  • Gospel Conversations
  • Mobilize
  • Bringing friends