Youth Ministry Leadership & Planning – John Collins

Lee Lethers Podcast

A new ministry year is just around the corner. What are you doing as a leader to prepare for it? This week on the Multiply! Podcast, Brian sits down with the director of Word of Life Local Church Ministries, John Collins, to talk about types of leaders and how to best empower those you lead.



  • The ministries that plan well and are consistent are the ministries that do well and make an impact
  • A teachable leader needs a team and needs to involve them in the planning process

Types of leaders

  • The unpredictable leader – does not have a plan and does not communicate to their team
    • Team becomes passive and unmotivated
    • You need to have a plan
    • Be predictable so you can have active followers
    • Rely on your team
    • Execute your plans
    • Evaluate your year and make changes – let your team be totally honest
  • The healthy leader – produces faithful followers
    • Has a clear vision and direction for their team
    • Needs to work out the vision to get to the desired end result
    • Get your team to plan with you
    • Vision is great, but you have to have direction and a plan to complete the vision
    • Have a core team that is able to come together
  • The empowering leader – produces other great leaders
    • Sit down and talk through details
    • Who can you delegate to?
    • Empower young leaders
    • It’s ok to make mistakes, just make new ones
    • Develop your people and let them grow
    • Let go of some of your control


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