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Axis – Resource Partner

“If C.S. Lewis and TikTok had a baby, that would be Axis” – David Eaton, co-founder of Axis

The mission of Axis is to help your parents start deeper conversations with their students. Parents can be a heroic influence in the lives of their students, but many are at a loss as to how to break through and have conversations that really matter. One mother put it this way, “As a parent of a teen, we felt such desperation and helplessness in not understanding our kids.”

In youth work, we recognize that our ministry starts in the home. Axis resources will help break down barriers and help parents talk confidently with the next generation about any topic in their world. Each resource is handcrafted to help parents build deeper relationships through meaningful conversations! They take relevant teen topics and make them simple.

That same mom shared, “Your content provided us with much needed help…we use your materials with confidence because we see your clear, uncompromised stand on biblical truth and a heart to see the next generation discipled for Jesus.”

As Word of Life has interacted with local church pastors and asked about needs, we found ministry to parents at the top of their concerns. Pastors recognize the need to better equip parents. This is where Axis has stepped in to provide fresh, biblical, and relevant resources.

Here is a snapshot of all they have to offer:

  • The Culture Translator – a weekly newsletter, translating new developments in pop culture to help parents and faith leaders understand and disciple their teenagers.
  •  Parent Guides – 90+ resources to help parents understand the things teens face.
  • Conversation Kits– 17+ resources to help parents understand tricky issues like gender, pornography, suicide, and drugs as well as philosophical concepts like evangelism, leadership, identity, and relationships with teens.
  • Expert Interview Summits – over 250 parenting and discipling experts are interviewed to help provide encouragement and equip parents.
  • Reboots – these experiences will allow your family to tackle a subject together and come to an agreement while building amazing memories together!
  • 10-Day Teen Talks – this resource will help parents grow in their knowledge on topics like pornography, drugs, or suicide, which will start or deepen the conversation about these topics with their teen.

At Word of Life Youth Ministries, we recognized great value in these resources and entered into a partnership with Axis. We encourage you to check out the All Axis Pass and then get in touch with us to see how you can access this pass that normally costs $999 for only $250.

For more details on how to get the special Word of Life partnership pricing, email us at or contact your local WOL Youth Ministry Coach.