What a Leader Needs – Kris Stout & John Collins

Lee Lethers Podcast

God is ultimately the one that makes a difference in ministry. However, from a human standpoint, you as the leader are the one who makes the difference.

What can I as a leader do to make sure that I am the best leader I can be?

I Cor. 5 – God has given us ministry and will use you. Growing requires an intentional, thought-out plan. Nothing great happens by accident.

Evaluate your own walk and your identity. The success of ministry is only going to come as you allow Christ to live through you. We all have the same God. Don’t quench the Holy Spirit in your life. Are you fully taking advantage of the power He provides and wants to give to You? (Col 3, Gal. 2:20)

What is my responsibility regarding my ministry’s vision? What does Scripture say about vision?

If you slow down, you will actually speed up. Look back and evaluate to figure out where you want to go. Let someone speak into you, and don’t feel like you always need to have it all together.

Allow others to speak into your life and have accountability. You need coaching, warnings and advice. Thinking you can do it on your own is prideful. Those pouring into your life need to be able and willing to ask you hard questions about how you mirror of the Word of God. How willing are you to allow that to happen? Leadership is only as lonely as we allow. (Eccl. 4) Intentionally seek out these relationships.

Vulnerability despite the high expectations in ministry positions: You must allow light into your life to purify you. You need to know who you are in order to do this. Your unchanging standing before God is because of Christ. This position of strength from the gospel allows you to be vulnerable. Your identity should not be a position of authority, such as a “pastor” or “youth pastor.” Be a member of the Body just like everyone else, openly helping each other when we need it, because we all eventually will need it. The stakes are high for Youth pastors when being vulnerable, so choose the person you are vulnerable with very carefully. Pray for God to give you someone who will be safe and who also views vulnerability in the same way as you.

Final thoughts:

Take spiritual retreats: Just take a day to think about stuff.

Daily quiet time with God is important. Take at least a few minutes each day. Do not let it slip away.