We’ve got an App for that! With John Collins and Dwight Willard

Lee Lethers Podcast

Teaching, discipleship, planning and so much more going into youth ministry. Don’t you wish you had an app that held it all together? Well, now you can! Today on the podcast, Brian is joined by John Collins and Dwight Willard, both with WOL Local Church Ministries and we are going to talk about a great new resource that you need to know about!

The Multiply App

New tools can make planning less of a drudgery by making it simpler and less overwhelming.

As you are planning for the new year of ministry Word of Life would like to provide you with their Multiply App.

The idea for the Multiply App came out of these leaders’ own individual experiences serving normally in their local churches. They noticed they had great tools and resources, but something was missing. They needed to find a way to connect all the resources Word of Life offered them. In other words, they needed a glue to keep everything together.

The Multiply App is a delivery system for these resources. The app assists leaders in preparing for a new year of ministry and equips leaders to stay informed and organized as the year progresses. Leaders will feel ready to go.

The app assists in three main areas: Planning and communication with your team, Provision of tools to create effective small group leaders, Tracking the progress of students along Word of Life’s Creative Discipleship path.

Multiply App Features:


Easily create a general plan for the ministry year with this feature. Set the boundaries for your calendar, input your regular agenda for each night, and then get into the lesson planning. Drag and drop WOL curriculum information into the dates you plan to teach and then add a teacher. Custom lessons can be typed in manually as well. Setting up a general plan in the app’s calendar allows each leader to know what’s going on, even as the plan changes.

Small group leader:

Keep small group leaders informed and supported with any resources they may need. In the week before they can read the overview and key points of the lesson to prepare for their small group time. This feature also allows them to record attendance and prayer requests, making follow up easier and more effective. The Cause Circle is one of the resources incorporated into the app, which allows leaders to see who their students are praying and caring for.

“We want to empower everyone on your leadership team to be effective disciplers.”

Discipleship Tracker:

Makes Word of Life’s Creative Discipleship path easier to use by recording and coordinating of the steps and rewards relevant to your students. With the newer, more flexible numerical point system it is easier to see whether your students are progressing or stagnating. The Creative Discipleship path aims to help students grow in a biblical, rounded life, founded on principles God teaches in His Word. The Multiply App allows more of the focus to be on the relational side of ministry, rather than the recorded details.

The Multiply App delivers and organizes everything you already had but improves accessibility and communication.

Find the Multiply App:

https://lcm.wol.org/multiplyapp/ to learn more about the app. Download it for both apple and android devices or use it on the website.

https://wolmultiply.app/ to go directly to the apps dashboard. Anyone can create an account and try it out. The app itself is free. Download it for both apple and android devices or use it on the website.

  • Training videos can be found in the news feed on the app. These screenshot videos are short and specific to each topic, showing you how to use the different features of the app.
  • Word of Life Local Church Ministries Missionaries are also always there and ready to help.