Summer Ministry – Kyle Gray & Doug Hively

Lee Lethers Podcast

Summer is just around the corner. What do you have planned for your students? Brian is joined by Kyle Gray and Doug Hively to talk about summer ministry and what part camp can play in that. Also, they talk about opportunities for a student(s) in your ministry to spend the summer working and growing spiritually at camp.

Think ahead for your ministry’s summer.

Summer: What do you love about summer that is different?

Kyle – Summer camp is an opportunity to get outside the box, do something bigger and wilder than churches normally could at home.

Doug – Students have more free time, which provides more opportunities to get undivided time with them.

As youth ministers, we sometimes are less intentional and more event-driven during the summer. Take a break before summer, so you can be intentional with what you plan for summer. Figure out a plan to invest in your kids each and every day.

Camps: What makes WOL camps different?

Focused intentionality: Our motto is, “Every Life reached and changed for eternity,” and we accomplish it through 3 focused areas of intentionality. First, we present the gospel in the first message of the week and keep talking about it all week, along with how those who are already saved can grow in their relationship with Christ. We talk about the gospel both in the meetings and in the campers’ one-on-one time with the camp counselors. Our Second focus is on our workers and counselors. We know the counselors, and they have been trained in gospel. Our Third focus is on the leaders. We provide opportunities for leaders because we believe that God has something for them as well. Every life reached and changed for eternity.

Camp Crew – What sets Camp Crew apart from other volunteer opportunities?

Focused intentionality on discipleship: We are upfront with Camp Crew supervisors about how we are not so worried about the work accomplished, but rather their involvement in their kids’ lives, helping them take the next step in their relationship with Jesus. Every life reached and changed for eternity.

In Camp Crew we want to get a hold of the kids while they are young and show them that God has an intentional purpose and role just for them, right where they are at. When you help these kids grow in their walk, God does great things with them. The students grow into leadership roles at home and then they create movement in their own circle of influence. As 1 Timothy 4:12 states, they can set the example where they are at, even if they are young.

Who are the supervisors? Supervisors are students who have been through one or 2 years of the Bible Institute. The relationship between camp crew supervisors and workers is similar to that of camp counselors and campers, but it lasts much longer. Supervisors live and work with their kids, and many kids are very thankful for their relationship with their supervisor after they have been a part of Camp Crew.

In 5-10 years, what your kids care about will be the cultural norm. Help them develop a desire for a real relationship with Jesus.

Where Camp Crew Works: Almost all of our operational staff is Camp Crew. Maintenance, grounds, kitchen, activities, lifeguarding, archery, childcare, video, tech, audio, etc.

Just for Camp Crew – Programming: Sunday evening we have a prayer meeting outside the building, while campers hearing the gospel for the first time that week. Then Camp Crew goes in and watches as the kids respond. At this time, some of the Camp Crew do have the opportunity to counsel those who come forward. Wednesdays we have a youth group style meeting for Camp Crew, so they do not miss out on the camp experience. During their free time throughout the week, the supervisors also have focused one-on-one time with them, in a life-on-life discipleship experience.

More Information:

Camp crew – Apply at the bottom of the first page and learn about different Camp Crew opportunities.

Camp – Summer Camp is different from Pursuit Camp.

Scholarship help – If a kid is having trouble finding the money to go to camp, call us. We have many scholarships that apply to many different situations. We want to give as many discounts as we can, so they can come to camp.

Closing thoughts:

Doug – Summer has less distractions for your kids and is a great opportunity to be super focused and intentional about the spiritual impact they can have in their own circle of influence.

Kyle – We hope we have either confirmed your choice about WOL camp, or at least made you think about why you go to the camp you choose. Please give us a chance. We do not want you to go to camp just to go to camp. We want you to go to see change in every leader, every student and even you. We want every life to be reached and changed for eternity.