Intern Enthusiasm

Lee Lethers Podcast

Brian sits down with three Youth Ministry Interns (Anthony, James & David) to talk about what they are learning and what they are most excited about as they get their first taste of youth ministry from a leadership standpoint.

These three Youth Ministry Interns (YMI) have finished two years of education at the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI), are completing additional training, and will soon be going out to the local churches where they will be interning for the next two years.

What is one thing that has stuck with you from the last few weeks of training?

  • Planning should be for a full year out, not just weekly or monthly planning. “If you don’t plan a year out then no one is going to show up to your events.” Parents need to know ahead of time.
  • Programming is important, but not so important that you forget why you are doing the program. You need to have biblical backing for each part of your ministry. Program to help students learn the Word and grow in their faith.
  • The Philosophy of Ministry: learning what youth ministry actually entails. It’s not just a club, but a place to worship, fellowship and grow, with biblically founded preaching.

Anything else you have been taught:

The Importance of Parents: Scripturally, God gave children to parents, not youth ministers. Parents are vital to a youth ministry, helping their children grow in their faith. Minister to the parents and keep them informed. “Parents are the primary disciplers of their kids.” – Steve Right.

As you are getting ready to go into churches, What are you most excited about?

  • The actual ministry itself. The second year at WOLBI gets you in a mindset and where you are ready and excited to just go for it. I am also looking forward to see what a church structure looks like in a Bible teaching church. I know I will learn a lot.
  • The Kids. We haven’t met any of them yet, but we are excited to. I have been praying and am excited to see how God is going to work while I am there.
  • I am looking forward to serve near my home and have a second chance to be a witness to my friends from high school.

What are you nervous about?

  • Being responsible for all those kids. You are responsible for the entire youth group, planning the events, talking to parents and hoping the kids will show up.
  • Not having met anyone there yet, I am praying for a partner or friend, someone to live along side of, that will encourage me and push me in my faith.
  • I am also fearful of getting comfortable and stagnant in my new environment and not pursuing the goal.

About the YMI (Youth Ministry Internship) Program

If you have a student that may be a good fit; has a desire to go into youth ministry or is unsure but interested, tell them about the YMI program.

YMI students go through the first year of WOLBI, studying the Word of God and participating in ministry. Their second year of WOLBI will focus more on the practical application of ministry tools and resources. Then YMIs have additional training after graduation. Lastly, just as these three are about to, YMIs will spend two years interning at local churches (maybe even your own church). Each local church setting is a bit different, which is good. While the intern is at the church they can finish their degree online, enabling them to graduate already having two years of experience.

What drew you to this Program?

  • The opportunity of being able to go anywhere and do anything if you are willing. You can go anywhere with a church. Finishing my degree without debt is also a realistic goal with this program. We get half-off at either Liberty, Clarks Summit University, or Piedmont. Debt-free education allows for the financial independence after college to actually do ministry.
  • I thought it sounded great in my first year at WOLBI, and the changes to the program since then are also great. I’ve always had a heart and passion for teaching the Bible to teens and leading small groups. With this internship, I will be able to get my degree in Biblical Education Studies while continuing to teach God’s Word to teens.
  • I have always wanted to do something with teen ministry. From the first time I heard of the program, I thought it was exactly what I wanted to do. It provides the good combination of getting experience and a degree, which seems impossible to do any other way.

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