Importance of worldview – Jeff Myers

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Non biblical worldviews can easily creep into the minds of believers. Postmodernism, Islam, and secularism are just a few of the ideologies you might be surprised to hear many believers are sympathetic to. On today’s episode, Brian is joined by Dr. Jeff Myers, the president of Summit Ministries. Summit is an international apologetic worldview ministry that helps Christians discover how the different worldviews line up with God’s Word. Tune in as Jeff discusses three vital aspects of keeping students engaged in their faith and in church.



Why do those who stay, stay?

  1. Young adults tend to stay involved in church if the church is giving them a Christian worldview that makes sense of current and future challenges
    • They want a worldview that does not come across as ignorant, bigoted, or insensitive to those who view things differently
    • They want to come across as intelligent, compassionate, and inquisitive
    • It’s not about compromise – it’s about understanding the culture
    • If Biblical Christianity opens up truth, it should be possible to communicate what is true so that the whole world can understand it
    • Ideas don’t come at us fully formed
    • If we are not aware of the ideas that stand against a Christian worldview, we are at greater risk of falling victim to them than if we study them carefully and respond to them intelligently (an apologetic mindset)
    • The truth has nothing to fear from questions
    • Truth without relationship leads to arrogance
    • Relationship without truth leads to apathy
  2.  Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they have mentors who show that it is possible to live out a worldview
    • Young adults who have an adult friend in church are 2x as likely to stay involved compared to those who do not
    • Young adults who have an adult mentor in church are 2.5x-3x as likely to stay involved compared to those who do not
    • They value life-on-life, personal relationships
  3. Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they are a part of a vibrant community
    • A community of people who take truth personally and seriously
    • Being involved in the community as a church
    • Everyone is looking for a community – something bigger than themselves

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