Helping Families Navigate the Importance of Church – Mel Walker

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One of the ever-growing struggles in youth ministry is families who no longer see church as a priority. On today’s episode of the Multiply! Podcast, Brian is joined by Mel Walker. Mel is the president and co-founder of Vision for Youth and the author of several books, including Inter-Generational Youth Ministry and his latest book Going On For God. Brian and Mel address the topic of helping families prioritize regular involvement with their local church.

Has the family become more important than the church?
  • We cannot forget that God has developed two institutions: the family and the church
  • Both are priorities (Ephesians 4, Ephesians 6)
  • Some people see their families as idols
  • How is your family partnering with the church?
  • The trend is not going towards good families
  • Families have to make a commitment to church, and the church has to make a commitment to be more family-friendly
  • Sometimes we use family as an excuse to not be committed to a local church
  • The church is God’s program
  • Families were designed to be encouraged and helped in a community of faith (Titus 2)
  • We need balance in our thinking
  • We miss the benefits the church has for our family

What can church leaders do to foster this kind of environment?

  1. Make a commitment to the families in your church
    • Be committed to busy youth – have breakfast with them, go to their games, etc.
    • Think about shot-term ministries instead of ongoing meetings
  2. Ask parents how you can help them
    • What do they want for their children?
    • Parents have to make decisions
    • Be on their side
  3. The church needs to be a family
    • Families will be in trouble
    • The definition of family is changing
    • Figure out your community


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