Does Gen Z Have What it Takes? With Mike Calhoun

Lee Lethers Podcast

Does Generation Z leave you shaking your head in frustration?
On today’s episode of the Multiply! podcast, we discuss this confusing generation with Mike Calhoun. Mike is an author, speaker, and recently joined the Pastoral staff of Summit Church in North Carolina with J.D. Greear, after serving with Word of Life for 43 years. Mike has his finger on the pulse of student ministry today and has bright expectations for this generation. You don’t want to miss what he has to say.

Takeaways from this episode

  • Young people are so capable, but inexperienced
    1. We need to see the potential in our students
    2. They will do great things for Christ
    3. Gen Z can be the generation that brings the next revival
  • Most of the things that people see as negatives in this generation are actually the positives
    1. They are pro-active
    2. They are educationally savvy
    3. 77% of the generation is excited about volunteering
    4. They are cause-driven
    5. They are entrepreneurs
    6. They are relational
  • What leaders can do
    1. We need to disciple the generation
      • Do life on life with them – be involved and transparent with them
      • Be one-on-one
      • 2 Timothy 2:2 works
    2. Break the pattern and build a new model
      • We need more people to listen to what the Bible says will work
      • The Bible trumps culture (culture is only a vehicle for communicating truth)
  • Engaging the culture with the Gospel
    1. Be careful not to present Jesus as one more choice, or one more piece of the puzzle
    2. He is not A way, He is THE way
    3. Be mindful of the culture when you are sharing the Gospel
    4. We need to be skilled and knowledgeable about the world

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