Does Gen Z Have What it Takes? With Mike Calhoun

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Does Generation Z leave you shaking your head in frustration?
On today’s episode of the Multiply! podcast, we discuss this confusing generation with Mike Calhoun. Mike is an author, speaker, and recently joined the Pastoral staff of Summit Church in North Carolina with J.D. Greear, after serving with Word of Life for 43 years. Mike has his finger on the pulse of student ministry today and has bright expectations for this generation.¬†You don’t want to miss what he has to say.

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  1. What an encouragment! I first heard mention Gen Z almost 2 years ago and his insights changed my approach to the teens in our youth group. He is SPOT ON. Already amazed at how God is using this generation. I may not be a Paul, but I look at some of our teens and there are several Pauls in the making. Thank you.

  2. Mike, you have kept such passion and relevance in your ministry over these years. Keep on! I really want to pick your brain sometime about how we let our young people (gen x?) down and how to help them now as so many of them that we loved and still love are now in the spiritual struggle of their lives that seems unending at times.

    1. Jo Carol, thank you for your continued burden for youth. I would be delighted to connect with you concerning your ministry and some of the spiritual struggles you guys are facing. More than likely they are some of the same ones others are finding to be a challenge as well. Mike Calhoun

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