Creative Discipleship

“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.”

1 Tim. 4:7b

Creative Discipleship is designed to reward your students as they develop habits of spiritual growth to strengthen their relationship with Christ. As students make progress throughout the year, they receive points towards awards and scholarships. The incentives encourage movement to develop spiritual habits while the Spirit of God grows their desire for a deepening relationship with Jesus. Creative Discipleship focuses student involvement in seven key areas of growth.


  • Attending a local church is vital for the study and instruction from the Word of God.

Quiet Time

  • Word of Life Quiet Times help students develop a daily time in God’s Word with prayer. The Quiet Time is filled with penetrating questions, insights, and personal application.

Scripture Memory

  • The Word of Life scripture memory sets cover relevant topics with a variety of key biblical themes. They are available in both paper and digital formats.


  • We encourage students to show their love for Christ as they serve others in their church and community. We have developed a creative list of service ideas to engage students in ministry.

Reading Books

  • One way to develop our character is by reading about the challenges and victories of other Christians. We encourage students to read books from a specific book list of relevant topics, Christian biographies, as well as the entire New Testament.

Bring a friend

  • A great way to introduce unsaved students to Jesus is to have their Christian friends bring them to an event at your church so you can begin the conversation with them about Jesus.

Gospel Conversation

  • The most effective way to engage every student with the Gospel of Jesus is for students to have personal Gospel conversations with their friends.


  • The discipleship process begins with evangelism (Gospel Conversations) but continues with the process of teaching others to be what you already are (Discipleship).
  • The Word of Life Mobilize guide is designed to help students who have recently put their faith in Jesus learn how to both share Jesus with their friends and show them how to have a meaningful relationship with God.
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Awards and Scholarships


Word of Life recommends you set up a “rewards spot” where prizes are accessible during the weekly youth meeting. Prizes can range from $2-$5 in the form of gift cards, candy bars, drinks, etc. As students reach milestones through the year, they will receive rewards. For example, for every 50 points achieved, a student would receive a reward.


Word of Life offers the following three awards for every student who reaches a minimum of 500 points in the Creative Discipleship Program in one year:

  1. One FREE ticket to one Word of Life Reverb event.
  2. One FREE week of Word of Life Summer Camp OR one weekend of Word of Life Snow Camp (New York) or Pursuit Camp (Florida).
  3. A $500 Scholarship for the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York or Florida. For a list of other colleges that honor this scholarship, see below

IMPORTANT: For students to be eligible for Word of Life Awards and Scholarships, all requirements must be completed on or before May 31st of the award year. Connect with your Word of Life Ministry Coach for questions about the Creative Discipleship Program.

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College Scholarship Program

Colleges that accept Student Ministry Creative Discipleship Scholarships:

  • Word of Life Bible Institute, NY, FL & ON - $500/$3,000
  • Appalachian Bible College, WV -  $2,000
  • Lancaster Bible College, PA - $600
  • Cairn University, Langhorne, PA - $500
  • Davis College, Johnson City, NY - $500
  • Nipawin Bible College, SK - Can$300

Colleges that accept Olympians Steadfast Scholarships:

  • Word of Life Bible Institute, NY, FL & ON - $500
  • Appalachian Bible College, WV -  $2,000
  • Lancaster Bible College, PA - $400
  • Davis College, Johnson City, NY - $1,000
  • Nipawin Bible College, SK - Can$300