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A Web Application Built with Curriculum in Mind

Speed of Use

TeacherSource is the fastest way you’ve ever experienced to get curriculum.

Every File Access

Get access not just to lesson files but also PowerPoint and verse memorization lists.

Every Device

TeacherSource works the same on every device. From your laptop to your phone.

Get Help

Through TeacherSource you are just a click away from getting your questions answered.

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Instant Access

The Fastest Way to Get Curriculum

Maybe you’ve tried the CDs. You insert a disk and try to navigate to the right lesson in the midst of dozens of badly organized folders. Or maybe you’re used to getting a new USB jump drive every year that you promptly plugin and don’t know how to use. Or maybe you download your lessons one at a time from a separate website only to promptly forget where you’ve downloaded them to when you really need them.

TeacherSource is the fastest way to get curriculum for you student ministry and children’s ministry. Everything is arranged in easy to find modules for every ministry program that we provide curriculum for. Meaning you can go to one location to find every lesson for all of your youth programs. If you’ve purchased subscriptions for our Student, Olympian, and Gopher buddies ministry programs they will all show up in your TeacherSource subscription. Giving you instant access to every lesson in our curriculum.

Every File

Easy to Use, Easy to Find

Not only does TeacherSource give you access to every Word document, it also makes it easy to find every PDF, PowerPoint, and resource for the entire year. You don’t have to worry about where things are located; we’ve got you covered. Just login to your TeacherSource account and click the module you’re looking for.

TeacherSource also give you access to the poster artwork and valuable resources such as the verse memorization list. No more hunting through useless documentation to figure out how to use something. We’ve organized everything so it’s easy to use and easy to find.

Never tried our curriculum before? We would LOVE to change that. We’ll give you 3 free modules (that’s 12 free lessons) just for trying it out. Click the button below to give us some quick information and we’ll deliver your free lessons right to you.

Any Device

Anytime Access, on Every Device You Own

TeacherSource is always on, and always available. Whether it’s the month before or the night of your ministry meeting. You can download your lesson and start dropping some truth…mic drop. It’s inconvenient to have curriculum on just one device. It’s even more inconvenient to try and move files between a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. So we offer TeacherSource on every device.

Use your phone or tablet to teach. Use your laptop or desktop computer to prepare ahead of time, all while accessing TeacherSource online.

Get Help

Help is Just a Click Away

Let’s be honest, we all need help sometime. Maybe you can’t find something or need help with a lesson or PowerPoint file. With TeacherSource help is just a click away. We are available anytime through email and during regular business hours through phone. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us with a question or problem that you might have as you use our curriculum found in TeacherSource.

We also include regular updates and news telling users when things have been updated or when new curriculum has been added to the TeacherSource system. Keep track of all the latest changes right from TeacherSource.