Children’s Ministry

Program Goal

Word of Life’s Children’s Ministry Program is built on a powerful goal: to lay a solid foundation of biblical principles at a young age in the lives of children. We want to teach them from the very start the important fundamentals of spiritual growth. The Olympian ministry is built on an important theme in Scripture; the olympic athlete. Paul uses this illustration often saying that he wanted to “finish the race.”

Key Features


Our program builds a solid foundation for the biblical principles of growth.


We provide training, tools and opportunities for evangelism for students.

Leadership Development

We equip youth leaders for personal ministry and student ministry effectiveness.

In One Year

Learn to have a consistent daily time in God’s Word on a six year rotation that touches every book in the Bible.

Study a six year curriculum of 48 lessons each year including character studies, life of Christ lessons, and holiday theme nights.

Memorize verses that come straight out of the lessons each week helping them hide God’s Word in their heart.

Minister and serve in the church and community. Depending on the age they children are challenged to do more or less.

Read age-appropriate books to strengthen their faith.

Earn fun incentives that follow the olympic theme, such as stickers for bronze, silver, and gold levels.


Word of Life Olympian Program

The Olympian program is broken down into 3 different age groups. Grades 1-2 are called the Challengers, Grades 3-4 are called the Conquerors, and Grades 5-6 are called the Champions. Every component of our ministry program is tailored to the developmental level of the appropriate grades. In Small Group time, Quiet Time, Scripture Memory, and Christian Service each level gets more challenging, yet remains age-appropriate.
From year to year our goal is to help students move forward as spiritual athletes in the great race of the christian life.

Quiet Time

Daily Time in God’s Word

The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to change the man of God. Therefore it is vital that we get into God’s Word each day for study and application of biblical truth. The Word of Life Quiet Time is a discipleship training tool to help children and leaders get into God’s Word consistently. As a believer reads God’s Word, and prays daily it builds a deep intimate relationship with God that can last for a lifetime – no matter their age!

The Quiet Time diary is a tool to facilitate the reading of God’s Word and prayer. It is a tool that systematically touches every book of the Bible in six years. The strategy behind this tool goes beyond just reading the Bible; it encourages students to apply what they are reading to their everyday lives.

For the Olympians program there are 3 different Quiet Times, one for each age group: Challengers (1-2 grades), Conquerors (3-4 grades), and Champions (5-6 grade). Each Quiet Time is designed for their age level and developmental ability at that age. Yet at the same time the Quiet Time gets more challenging from year to year nudging students to go farther in their daily time in God’s Word.
We believe so strongly in the power of the Word of God to transform you life that we have a Quiet Time for every age. We don’t just want the students in your children’s ministry doing a Quiet Time, we want you and every leader in your group doing one as well. Every Quiet Time follows the same passages from day to day making it easy in Small Group or throughout the week to interact together with God’s Word with children.

Bible Study

48 Lesson Curriculum

Every child needs a great biblical life-changing lessons each week. The Olympians program is built on a 48 lesson curriculum that provides you with everything you need to teach a solid Biblical lesson each week.

Our Curriculum is 48 Lessons Including:

Bible Survey

Character Studies

Holiday Themed Lessons

Topical Studies

Check out our full Scope and Sequence below to get an idea of how we weave all of these topics and types of lessons into the 6 years you might have with a single student.
Our Curriculum is provided through our powerful TeacherSource web application. Check it out today!

Bible Book Reading

Supplemental Biblical Reading

Just as it is important for students and adults to be reading solid Christian books, we think it’s just as important for children. So we suggest and provide Christian children’s books each year that a child can read or have read to them. These books can counteract the negative message they might hear in school or through other sources of media in their lives. Good Christian books can build character and teach important life lessons for children.

Scripture Memory

Internalizing Essential Truth

Even young children can start memorizing God’s Word at an early age. Often it can be one of their earliest memories. Even at such a young age, memorizing the truth of Scripture can affect the heart and future of a child. When Jesus was faced with the direct temptation of Satan, he responded each time with, “The Scriptures says.” Christ didn’t carry around a scroll with him to pull out for his teaching or temptation; it was clear that Jesus memorized the Scriptures. He had the truth in his mind all the time.

Each year the children in the Olympians program are challenged to memorize verses culled from the lesson. The number of verses they are challenged to learn changes based on the age group they are in; Challenger, Conqueror or Champions. The verses are also sometimes shortened for young children to memorize them more easily. As with our other ministry programs each verse comes with a question to help a child remember the truth found in the verse and apply it to their life.


An Essential Part of Growth

As iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.Proverbs 27:17

Accountability lets other believers into our lives to help us with sin and biblical disciplines. Small Groups lead by children’s leaders can provide accountability as the group discusses the lesson, memorize verses together, and set goals for completing Quiet Time each week.

Leaders can customize a plan for children to integrate biblical principles in their lives daily. While our ministry programs provided huge amount of biblical disciplines, we realize not every child in your ministry is ready for each one. Small Group leaders become vital in helping set a pace that a child is ready for as they grow in the areas of biblical disciplines.

We use a fun and creative incentive program to reward children for being faithful to these biblical principles. In true olympic style, children can earn stickers, certificates, patches, pins, medals and trophies. Small Group leaders encourage children to apply the Word of God in an exciting way and keep records to measure the progress as children are faithful.


Ministry in the Local Church

We were made to serve, not be served. Our purpose is to direct and equip children in various ways of serving God in the local church and outside in their everyday lives. Each child is encouraged to participate in some kind of christian service or ministry. We provide 30 individual ideas and 24 different groups ideas to get children serving. We want to see the compassion and care of God flowing through the lives of children as they serve those around them in any way they can. No one is too young to serve whether in their own home, in church, or in the community.