Powerful, Life-Changing Lessons

Commitment to the Bible

At the heart of what we do is a deep belief in the power of God’s Word. Our programs are built on a single foundation: the straightforward teaching of God’s Word with personal application. Lives are built on the power of God’s truth through, clear, consistent teaching of His Word. Our Scripture memory program is built on it; our Small Group time is built on it. We have built a solid student and children’s teaching curriculum to equip you because we believe good biblical teaching is vital every week.


Our Curriculum is built on 6 Key Principles

Deep Truth

We believe children and students can handle the deep things in God’s Word. So we don’t hold back teaching both the easy and hard to understand truths found in the Bible.


God’s Word is clear (James 1:22) that obeying the Bible and not just hearing it is what’s important. Our curriculum is built in such a way to help your group apply what they are learning.

Balanced Diet

It is vital that we give students and children a balanced diet of lessons. Not every lesson must be just topical or just theological. Our goal is to have a good balance of different types of lessons in our curriculum’s scope and sequence.

Ease of Use

We understand that not every leader has been to Bible school or seminary. Our curriculum is flexible enough to be taught by those with varying degrees of biblical training.


Our goal is to craft each lesson in such a way that it is easy for a student or child to remember. Many lessons include creative ideas, compelling art and pithy statements summarizing the lesson’s truth.

Focus on Growth

The goal of our ministry programs is the growth of your students and children. So we’ve built our curriculum with that single purpose in mind. Some other curriculums are built simply to teach. Our curriculum is designed for life-change and application.


A Ministry Tool for a Modern Age

We believe our curriculum deployment tool is one of the best tools around for student and children’s ministry. It’s a web application built to deliver your lessons each week in the easiest, most convenient way possible. It’s called TeacherSource and it works on all of your devices. It delivers everything from lesson content in both Word and PDF formats to PowerPoint presentations. It organizes lessons in an easy to find way and provides help when you need it.

If you’re tired of CDs, USB drives or hard to find downloads, then you will love TeacherSource. You can find all of your curriculum from children’s ministry to student ministry in one convenient place.  Best of all, it’s built on the internet so you can access it anywhere and anytime on any device. TeacherSource also includes verse memorization lists, room decor ideas, and module posters.

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The Fundamentals

Principles Built Into All of Our Ministry Programs

Our curriculum doesn’t operate by itself; although it can be taught individually. Each of our ministry programs are built on the same fundamentals. Important ingredients that God’s Word says every christian needs to grow.

5 Biblical Principles for Growth

  • Deep Biblical Teaching

    The scope and sequence of our lessons are built on the deep truth of God’s Word.”

  • Daily Time in the Bible

    Our daily devotional tool helps students get into God’s Word everyday, build a prayer life, and get the habit of biblical study.

  • Scripture Memory

    Verses pulled from the lesson each week or month help students remember what they’ve been taught and get truth in their mind.

  • Small Groups

    We take the lesson each week and help students apply it to their lives in a personal way.

  • Christian Ministry

    Christian ministry is built into each of our ministry programs no matter the age of the student.

Each of these ingredients are woven into the fabric of everything we do in our ministries. We tailor each ingredient to the age group and learning ability of the child’s development. To learn more about our philosophy of ministry and how we weave each of these ingredients into our programs click the link below.

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Student Ministry

Laying a Foundation for Solid Biblical Principles

Word of Life’s Student Ministry Program is built on a simple philosophy: reaching youth whose culture is constantly changing with the biblical truth that never changes. Our goal is to equip you as the local church to evangelize and disciple students each and every week. Statistics show that more and more students are walking away from the church after they go to college. When asked, students are saying that the slide away from their faith actually started in High School.

What if we could lay down a foundation of solid biblical principles so they could navigate the rest of their lives fulfilled, having a blast doing the will of God without regret? That is the ultimate goal of the interactive, fun, safe and biblical environment of a Word of Life Student Ministry. To accomplish this goal our student ministry is built on some important aspects each year.

Each Year

Students Accomplish These Things.

  • Learn to have consistent time in God’s Word each week with help from a small group leader.

  • Study key doctrines of Scripture knowing why they believe what they believe.

  • Memorize 24 verses each year tied to the biblical application of the lesson each and every week.

  • Discover, develop, and deploy their gifts for ministry in the context of your local church.

  • Read through inspiring and challenging Christian books to help them personalize the Biblical worldview.

  • Earn scholarships and money for camp and the Bible Institute as well as other rewards.

  • Develop personal evangelism by learning how to share their faith with their friends.

For Ages 12 to 18 or 7th Grade to 12th Grade.

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Challenging Children to Start the Race Well

Our children’s ministry program, also called Olympians is built on the same fundamentals as each of our programs. It’s built around a profound theme found in the Bible; the Christian life as a race. Paul uses this illustration throughout Scripture telling his disciple Timothy to finish well in his walk with God. Our children’s ministry curriculum is built around this fundamental; helping children start the race well. To engage children, the program is built around an Olympic theme and children get bronze, silver, and gold stickers as they memorize verses, do ministry, and spend time in God’s Word each day.

Each Year

Children Accomplish These Things

  • Learn to have consistent time in God’s Word each week with help from a small group leader.

  • Study God’s word in 48 lessons from our children’s ministry curriculum.

  • Memorize verses tailored to their age and developmental ability.

  • Read through age-appropriate Christian books to help them strengthen their faith and encourage a biblical worldview.

  • Earn fun incentives and awards to celebrate milestones of achievement built around the Olympic theme.

  • Minister and serve in the church and community. Involvement is determined by grade level.

From 1st grade to 6th grade age 6 to 11.

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Early Learners

Challenging Children to Start the Race Well

Word of Life’s Gopher Buddies program was created to help young children start to lay a foundation for the habit of spiritual growth. We know that at a young age children are just starting to the understand the truth of the Gospel and of Jesus. Therefore, our early learner program is built around helping children learn God’s Word, fundamental truths of the Gospel and who God is. We teach life lessons that even a 4 year old can apply.

Each Year

Children Accomplish These Things

  • Learn to have consistent time in God’s Word with the help of a parent or adult.

  • Learn from God’s Word with creativity and clarity (and sometimes puppets!)

  • Memorize 10 verses based around the curriculum and Bible lessons each week.

  • Participate at least 3 times in church and community through christian service projects.

  • Listen to age-appropriate Christian books to contribute to their Bible knowledge.

  • Earn fun incentives like stickers, patches, stamps, and certificates.