Tired of seeing a student’s spiritual fire fade away so soon after a powerful event.

Extend the Experience

Make every week a powerful experience in your youth ministry


Biblically Based curriculum for every age designed to help students grow and apply the Bible.

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Ministry Programs

We have a ministry program for every age group. Each one is based on the principles of God’s Word.

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Student Events

Powerful events to help you evangelize and disciple in your youth ministry. Whether student or children’s ministry.

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Ministry Coaches

Our youth ministry coaches are available to assist you in the most effective implementation of the Word of Life tools to enhance your ministry

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Overwhelmed with the many details of ministry and not sure what to do?

You Can…


Maximize your Prep Time with an engaging Curriculum that you can customize, so you have more time to Connect with Students.


Empower your youth leaders with Training and Tools to connect with students with the help of a personal Ministry Coach.


Deploy a time-tested Strategy and Discipleship Tools that will reach today’s students and engage them to Live Out God’s Word.

Yes, you can…

You can have a youth ministry where your leadership team is excited, and your students come anticipating an Experience with God.

Our Mission

Equip the local church to reach the youth of the United States with the gospel of Christ.

We provide curriculum, training, resources, ministry programs and youth events to equip the local church to reach youth with the Gospel of Jesus.


Life-changing lessons founded on application

You want to teach God’s Word in a way that impacts your students immediately! That’s why our curriculum is biblically based with a strong emphasis on application.


Our youth ministry curriculum is built into a powerful web application called TeacherSource. It’s a place for life changing lessons and materials with the click of a button.

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Ministry Programs

Programs based on the biblical principles of spiritual growth

Student Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Early Learners

Each youth ministry program is built on the same fundamentals. Ingredients that God’s Word says every christian needs to grow; the Bible, ministry, and christian relationships. Our ministry programs are all built on these same features.

Biblical Teaching

Weekly Bible Study that engages students in discovering God’s Word and applying it to their life.

Daily Devotions

Our daily devotional tool helps students get into God’s Word everyday.

Scripture Memory

An organized system to help students hide God’s Word in their heart.

Small Groups

A time during your weekly youth meeting where biblical application and accountability takes place

Christian Ministry

Opportunities for your students to discover their gifts and abilities by serving others.

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Each of these ingredients are woven into the fabric of everything we do in our ministry programs. We tailor each ingredient to the age group and learning ability of the student’s development. To Learn more about our philosophy of ministry and how we weave each of these ingredients into our programs click the button below.

Our Ministry Programs


Take your evangelism and discipleship to the next level

Our events build on the ingredients of our programs. With the goal to either help students hear the Gospel or help them grow in their walk. Below you can see an overview of the events we run all across the country to help students get saved and be discipled.


Reverb is in 11 major cities around the US. It’s an all night event packed with action. But it has a single goal, to share the Gospel with unsaved students in the United States. With tours in both the North, South, and Mid-West regions of the country chances are you’ll find a Reverb near you.

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“Sending Teens Out Reaching the Masses” is an effective way to help your youth group reach out to unsaved students in your city. It’s a Gospel outreach event hosted right at your church. A local Youth Ministry Coach can help you run a STORM event or you can get more information on our STORM page below.

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A children’s evangelistic event with a racing theme designed to engage elementary aged students using Hotwheel cars. Contact one of our youth ministry coaches about hosting your own FasCar event.

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Learn More About Events

Get all the details and descriptions of each of our events. As well as learn how our events fit into our ministry programs for each age group.

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Youth Ministry Coaches

Let us come along side to equip and encourage you

The foundation of everything we do happens through our national ministry coaches. They are missionaries who raise support to minister in Local Churches just like yours. They know ministry and want to come alongside you to help you increase your ministry impact every week.
Whether you need program advice or simply a friend to support you, our ministry coaches are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Best of all, they LOVE student and children’s ministry. They eat, drink, sleep and breathe it. Many of them have been in ministry for years and can offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge in your youth ministry.