The Tools to Succeed in Youth Ministry


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Whether you’re just starting out in Youth Ministry or are a seasoned veteran, we have tools that you can use today to take your youth ministry to the next level.


Youth Ministry Coaches

Trained Coaches Ready to Help You in Ministry

We’ve been doing youth ministry for years and there’s one universal truth: Youth Ministry is hard. But you are not in it alone! We have trained ministry coaches ready to jump in and help however they can. We can provide free advice, or more in-depth training, strategy and ministry coaching, or just friendship and accountability.

No matter where you are located in the United States, we have youth ministry coaches available and ready to help your ministry.

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Just click the button below to start the process of finding a trained youth ministry coach. We would love to help you every step of way in your ministry.

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Free eBook

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How to Craft a Killer Lesson

A Guide to Teaching Life Changing Truth Each and Every Week

by Tyler Collins

As we talk to student ministry leaders around the country we hear a common frustration, “I need help with my weekly lessons!” We know God’s Word is at the heart of every great student ministry. Of course we can provide you with curriculum that you can teach right out of the box, but maybe you want to dig into God’s Word and write your very own lessons.

We’ve got a killer resource just for you. It’s the very same process our skilled writers use to craft compelling, truth based, and applicational lessons for our curriculum every year. It’s a writer’s guide to Craft a Killer Lesson and we want you to have it. We pray that this eBook can help you take your teaching to a new level to help students grow and change.


Free Lessons

12 Lesson Delivered to Your Inbox

We have a free sample of each of our ministry program lessons just for you. Just click the link below and we’ll give you a free module for each of our programs. That’s 12 lessons straight from our web application TeacherSource. TeacherSource is our curriculum delivery system that works on all of your devices. Try it free and get 3 free modules.

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Training Videos

TransferLive a Website Full of Ministry Training Videos

We’ve got free ministry training videos just for you. It’s a well organized website built around great video content covering all types of ministry related topics. Everything from how to help students get into God’s Word each day, to how to run an amazing Small Group. We cover ministry for both girls and guys and talk about practical stuff like building relationships and how to do discipleship.

Jump Right In!

TransferLive is dedicated to provide free training for you and your ministry team. It is full of great ministry related content for youth and children’s ministries. Stop by, use it, and let us know what new content you

Gospel Events

Take your evangelism to the next level

Do you want your student or children’s ministry to grow? That’s awesome, we want it to grow too! One of the most fantastic tools for helping your ministry grow is to host a gospel event at your church. It energizes the students in your group, brings unsaved people into the walls of your church and can even lead to students getting saved and join your group.

Every year we help hundreds of churches host gospel events at their church. We have two programs that you can host this weekend at your church. And you know what? They work. Every time we help a church host one of these events they meet new students, grow, and see students saved.


For Student Ministry

Turn a group of 10-15 into 50 in one night! It could be eating a massive banana split, hearing the Gospel and a student having one of the best nights of their life! Sending Teens Out Reaching the Masses is as simple as downloading and following our STORM manual. If you prefer, get in touch with one of our youth ministry coaches. They would love to help you put it together. For many student ministries, STORM is the highlight of their year.

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Fascar Event

For Children’s Ministry

It’s miniature NASCAR for kids! Reserve a track and race Hotwheel© cars in a racing themed event. This event is easy to plan and run, yet incredibly fun for children. Parents and children can compete racing their own Hotwheel© cars. The competition pauses for a Gospel message before returning to crown the champions. Complete the racing theme with NASCAR related games decor and food.

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