Teen Girls, Social Justice & The Great Commission with Reba Bowman

Lee Lethers Podcast

Students today are increasingly interested in aiding with social injustices in our world. However, are they just as passionate about the Gospel? Why not do both? Today on the Multiply! podcast, we are joined by Reba Bowman, the founder and executive director of Dare for More Ministries. Reba is a speaker and author of multiple books, including Battle Ready Moms Raising Battle Ready Kids. You can find Reba at dareformore.org.

Takeaways from this episode

Social Justice and the Great Commission work together:

  1. Jesus is our biggest example
    • He provided the physical needs of the people (surface needs)
    • He used those needs as a springboard for their spiritual needs
  2. Social justice is a platform for taking people to the greater needs of the heart
    • When you meet someone’s physical needs, their hearts are more open to hear what you have to say about their spiritual needs
    • Getting teens excited about a social justice is sometimes easier than getting them excited about the Great Commission
    • There is a stirring towards meeting physical needs
  3. Blend social justice with the Gospel
    • Do not only help with physical needs – we need to be addressing spiritual needs
    • Young people want to show the love of Jesus without mentioning His name – help them find the courage to share their faith as well as showing it
  • If we expect God to do a great work through us, we need to let Him do a great work in us first.
  • If young people who do not know Christ can speak before Congress, address the UN, and raise millions of dollars for causes around the world, then Christian young people can too!  This can only come through intentional engagement from youth leaders, parents, and churches.

Resources from Reba: 


Battle Ready Moms, Raising Battle Ready Kids: https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Ready-Moms-Raising-Kids-ebook/dp/B00EUF2W0W

Bible Studies:

Return to Me: The Unconditional Love Story of Hosea: https://www.amazon.com/Return-Me-Unconditional-Story-Hosea/dp/1467515841

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