How to Prepare a Message that Sticks, with Josh Griffin

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If you want to deliver a message that sticks with your students, preparation is vitally important. Your students need your best every time.
In this episode, Brian sits down with one of the most well-recognized youth speakers of our day, Josh Griffin. Josh has been in student ministry for over 20 years, spending 12 of those years as Student Pastor at Saddleback Church in California. He is the co-founder, along with Doug Fields, of Download Youth Ministry. In our conversation, Josh shares 6 thoughts about how to prepare better messages for your students.

Takeaways from this episode:

6 thoughts about how to prepare better messages for your students

  1. Form a brainstorm team
    • You don’t have to do sermon preparations alone
    • This is not a one-person show
    • Don’t do youth ministry alone
    • Get a year of ideas on the board
    • Record every idea
  2. After you land on a series, write out the sermon arc
    • Decide how long the series is going to be
    • Write out one sentence/ description on what each sermon is going to be about
    • Know where your sermons are going
  3. Write out a series arc
    • Write out a simple sentence/ paragraph about where your students are entering the series
    • Decide on what you want to accomplish with your series – write it out
    • Know where you are going in the series – make a plan
  4. Don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel every week
    • Utilize other resources to create your message
    • Get inspired
    • Don’t be afraid to use curriculum
  5. Think every 7 minutes for engagement
    • Your audience matters
    • Lead into your topic
    • Divide into 7 minute segments
    • Reengage the students every 7 minutes – make sure you have their attention
    • Less is more
  6. Prep, share, practice, and debrief
    • Prep: do not take the stage without prepping well
    • Share: let someone else read your outline and challenge your thinking
    • Practice: deliver the message to an empty room
    • Debrief: let someone you trust push you to be better – get feedback

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