Ministry at Home, with Shean Phillips

Lee Lethers Podcast

How do you balance your job and church involvement without neglecting your number one ministry: your family?
On this episode of the Multiply! podcast, Dr. Shean Phillips discusses the importance of ministry in the home. Shean is a professor at Piedmont International University, where he is helping to train up the next generation of church leaders. Whether you are a Youth Pastor, parent, or both, you do not want to miss this episode!

Takeaways from this episode:

 We need to reinstate discipleship responsibilities to parents

  • Your family IS your ministry
  • The church and it’s pastor are called to equip parents to disciple their own children (Ephesians 4:16)
  • We need programs to support what parents are doing at home, not the other way around
  • Church is not a supplement for ministry at home

Parents need to be equipped

  • Only 10% of families represented in the church say that they occasionally have faith-based conversations with their children
  • Only 5% of families represented in most churches say that they have purposefully pursued the spiritual development of their children
  • Many parents feel that their own testimony in front of their children hinders the message that they would share (they feel hypocritical)

Are you neglecting your own children for the sake of the ministry?

3 practical steps to take at home

  1. Serve together as a family once a month (incorporate giving)
    • Support a missionary
    • Work at a food bank
    • Visit a nursing home
    • Sponsor orphans
    • Ask your pastor for creative ideas to serve
  2. Have a faith talk at least once a week
    • Some of this should be planned and timed
    • This is not a sermon
    • Be mindful of teachable moments (Deuteronomy 6)
    • Personal Quiet Times
    • Family Devotions
  3. Pray with your children daily
    • Teach your children to go to God in prayer for everything
    • Teach your children to recognize that God is sovereign
    • Make prayer a part of every moment of you family
    • Pass on prayer habits to your children
    • Keep a family journal/ prayer bulletin board

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