Intentional Student Ministry Discipleship – Jeff Borton

Lee Lethers Podcast

Some things in this life happen by accident. Discipleship is not one of those things. This week Jeff Borton joins Brian on the podcast to talk about how to create an environment to effectively disciple students. Jeff shares some of his experience with us from his time both at Christ Fellowship in Miami and now at LongHollow Baptist in Nashville where he is the Next Generation Pastor. The Lord is using Jeff greatly and we think you will benefit greatly from this conversation.

Takeaways from this episode:

Intentionally disciple students

  1. There is a confusion between mentorship and discipleship
  2. Discipleship cannot happen organically
  3. Discipleship will not happen without strategy and intentionality
  4. Student ministries have often been guilty of settling for converts instead of making disciples

You cannot have the ministry of Jesus and divorce yourself from the method of Jesus.

Create a discipleship pathway

  1. Set goals – know where you want to go
  2. Know what type of student are you trying to produce – what do you want your student to look like spiritually?
  3. Narrow it down to a few specific on-going environments that lead students deeper in their walk with Christ
  4. Consider how you spend your time and money

Evangelism is part of discipleship

  1. Discipleship cannot exist without evangelism
  2. 5 marks of a healthy discipleship group:
    • They are missions-minded
    • They are accountable
    • They are reproducible
    • They are communal
    • They are scriptural

Engaging students to mission

  1. Students want to be a part of something that is bigger
  2. 2 ways to love your neighbor
    • Serving under-resourced people – the poor and needy
    • Serving our peers – people that are just like us
  3. Engage your students to live on mission
    • Life-groups (small groups)
    • Explain the vision – help them understand the gravity of serving
    • Show students that they can serve on their own


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