Daily Devotional

Quiet Time

A Daily Devotional Built for Growth

Central to growth in the Christian life of any believer is getting into God’s Word on a regular basis. We can’t go long without God’s Word in our lives. Built into each of our children’s ministry and student ministry programs is accountability for getting into God’s Word daily through the Word of Life Quiet Time Daily Devotional tool.

Our Goal

An Intimate Relationship with God

To build a strong relationship takes one basic component; communication. A back and forth of speaking and being heard is the foundation for every healthy relationship. The same is true with our relationship with God. The Word of Life Quiet Time contains these two components of communication. We listen to God through daily Bible reading. Each day taking time to hear from God and His Word. We talk to God through prayer expressing to our heavenly Father the struggles, blessings and temptations of our lives. The Word of Life Quiet Time helps christians build these two important habits into their lives everyday. It’s a tool that helps christians read through the Bible and pray each day.

Not only is our daily devotional tool great for getting into God’s Word regularly; it’s also a powerful tool for discipling students and children.

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Bible Reading

A Daily Plan to get into the Word

The Quiet Time follows a 6 year progression that helps students and adults get into every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each day is focused around two powerful questions, “What is the writer saying?” and “How can I apply this to my life?”

With these two questions our goal is to help believers read through the Bible with an ear to listening to God speak into their lives. James tells us to not just be “hearers of the word but doers also.”

The Quiet Time tool focuses on the truth of God’s Word as application, helping believers ask how the Bible can change their life today. Each day takes a small passage and (depending on the age level) adds commentary to it. For younger students and children there are more specific searching questions, puzzles, and activities to help them engage with God’s Word.



Built-In Prayer List

Most christians don’t pray on a regular basis and when they do they often don’t have a clear purpose or system. Each Quiet Time diary includes a prayer list tool to help christians talk to God about their problems, frustrations, and challenges in life. It includes both daily and weekly prayer lists as well as instruction on how to the use these prayer lists. Can you pray without a prayer list? Of course. But having a dedicated prayer lists helps christians track how God has answered their prayers throughout the year. It also helps christians continue to pray for something faithfully over the course of a month or even a year.

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Discipleship Tool

A Powerful Tool for Discipleship

Word of Life Quiet Time can be used by every Christian but it is primarily designed as a discipleship tool. It is challenging to get students in the Bible on a regular basis. It’s even more challenging without a tool to tell students where to read, and keep them accountable for time in God’s Word. The Quiet Time is a powerful tool to teach students the most important habit in their lives; daily Bible reading and application. Leaders can use the Quiet Time to help students and children build spiritual muscle to hear from God regularly. Learn more about how you can use the Quiet Time to disciple students and children in your ministry by clicking the button below.

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Family Quiet Time

A Quiet Time for the Family

The Quiet Time is more than just a discipleship tool. It’s also a way for the whole family to interact with God’s Word at the same time. We have a Quiet Time tool for every age from 4 years up to 40 and each day every member of the family is in the same passage at the same time. Meaning the passage your students and children are reading is the same one you are reading. This can lead to some life-changing conversations as you engage with each other about God’s Word. Many families even use the Word of Life Quiet Time as a springboard for family devotions. Using the passage and book for the week in their family devotional time.