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Word of Life Student Ministries

Is the purpose of teaching to communicate biblical content or to bring about life-changing transformation in the lives of those who are listening? Why not both? We take timeless truths of biblical doctrine and connect them to where students are living today. What are the vital truths that your students need to grasp in the possible 6 years they will be in your ministry? Doctrine is the foundation for living the Christian life because what we believe determines how we live. To live a successful Christian life, your students need to have a solid grip on basic Bible doctrines.

A six year approach to doctrine

Our Student Ministry curriculum takes a 6 year approach to helping you accomplish this in the lives of your students.

Creative teaching tools

We'll help you make the study of God's Word come alive by using themed, four-week modules. Within the Student Bible Study Curriculum, we have created seven four-week teaching modules to stimulate the interest of the students. Each module comes complete with the following creative elements: 

  • Name and Logo: Each series will have a unique name that is relevant and will grab the students’ attention and a logo unique to that four-week study.
  • Promotional Ideas: Creative ideas to promote the topic of each series, which will motivate students to invite their friends.
  • Décor Ideas: Simple room décor ideas will help visually reinforce the topic in the four-week study.

Current issues and topical studies

Although doctrine is foundational to your teaching, we also realize that we must address current issues and trends that students are facing right now. We accomplish this in two ways:

  • 1 week topical lessons: Included in your curriculum each year are 4 lessons that address issues like shoplifting, anger, drinking, and thought life.
  • 4 week mini-series

But wait there's more...

Along with 42 lessons plus! The curriculum also includes:

  • Instant, internet access to your lessons (downloadable in MSWord of PDF format).
  • Access to our online community of hundreds of other teachers from around the country where resources, ideas, and tools can be shared. It's called Teacher >> Source.
  • In addition you will recieve two mini-series lesson packages containing four lessons each.  Our mini-series packages cover important cultural topics from a bibilical perspective.

Curriculum is like the proverbial tip of the iceberg:

  • We're committed to a Biblical model of discipleship, so we'll give you training to help your leaders get into students' lives and help them grow in their relationship with God.
  • The Quiet Time daily devotional journal covers the whole Bible every 6 years. Everyone from a preschooler to an adult reads from the same passage every day building a unique, intergenerational unity. For children, there are pictures and fill-in-the-blanks while the adults have extended commentary on each passage with questions to help with application. Click here to check out an introductory version.
  • We'll give you tools to help your students spend daily time in the Word, memorize scripture, and start serving God right now, where they are.
  • We'll help you reach your community through local outreach events put on entirely by your church.
  • We're committed to your success. We have experienced youth ministry consultants all over the country that will work with your church to develop a ministry that is vibrant and growing. These men will come alongside you to encourage you, serve you, and spur you on.
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"I believe it is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ" - Jack Wyrtzen