We believe it's important for children to gain a strong base of biblical knowledge so they can build on that foundation for the rest of their lives.

Our Approach

It's important to teach kids the entirety of scripture and not just "traditional" Bible stories. We'll help you develop a plan to do this and then help you teach through each book with creativity, making effective application to the children in your group. In six years we cover every book in the Bible in survey fashion. Each year you will get 16 Old Testament lessons and 14 New Testament lessons.

Our Tools

In addition to thoroughly covering both the Old and New Testaments, we also give you 48 lessons per year on the following:

Lessons covering the stories of biblical people to illustrate key character traits that are important to life.

A study of the life of Christ.

Holiday and Theme nights lessons.

Adapt the Curriculum

Each lesson has suggested adaptations to meet specific needs of your children. Some of the adaptations include considerations for smaller or larger groups or a group made up mostly of unchurched children.

Community of Shared Resources

In addition to 40+ lessons, you’ll gain access to our online community of hundreds of other teachers from around the country where resources, ideas, and tools are shared. Get started with our curriculum created specifically for children.

We're here so students can grow their faith. Explore our resources or give, to support this effort at the local level.